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F4 Phantom

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F-4G Phantom II
Model: HA1982 Air Power Series HA1982 McDonnell Douglas F-4G Wild Weasel 69-7561, 561st TFS, George AFB CA, 1992 comes with AGM-88, ALQ-141 jamming pod and AIM-9L/M missiles Material: Diecast Size and Scale: 1 : 72  ..
$109.00 Ex Tax: $109.00
F-4 Phantom II
Model: HA 1926 McDonell Douglas F-4E Phantom II 172nd Squadron "Hawks" Disbandment Scheme, Turkish Air Force, Erha-Malatya Air Base, 2009 Size/ Scale: 1:72 ..
$123.00 Ex Tax: $123.00
F-4J Phantom II
Model: HA1921 Air Power Series HA1921 McDonnell Douglas F- 4J Phantom II VF-31, USS Saratoga, June 1972 “101” Material: Die Cast Size / Scale :1/72 ..
$109.00 Ex Tax: $109.00
F-4E Phantom II
Model; HA1925 Air Power Series HA1925 McDonnell Douglas F- 4E 3-6684, 32nd TFW, IRIAF 1986  Material: Die Cast Size / Scale: 1/72 ..
$123.00 Ex Tax: $123.00
F-4B Phantom II
Model: HA 1963 Air Power Series McDonnell Douglas F-4B VF-51, CAG Bird, CVW-15, USS Coral Sea "Screaming Eagles" Material: Die Cast Size / Scale: 1/72 ..
$123.00 Ex Tax: $123.00
F-4E Phantom II
HA 1935 MC Donnel Douglas F-4E Phantom II Scale: 1/72 Materal: Die Cast              ..
$108.00 Ex Tax: $108.00
RF-4C Phantom II
HA 1958 MC Donnel Douglas RF-4C Phantom II Die Cast Model  1/72 Scale    ..
$108.00 Ex Tax: $108.00
F-4F Phantom II
HA1943 F-4F Phantom II 37+01 "First In-Last Out T" Die cast 1/72     ..
$122.00 Ex Tax: $122.00